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Why you need to install CCTV in school

Why you Need to Install CCTV in School

The presence of CCTV cameras in schools, colleges, and universities remains a must. Its importance should not be disregarded. To ensure the ongoing safety of students, teachers, and other staff within the school premises, any educational institution should install hi-fi and a top-class CCTV camera surveillance system.

Their primary purpose is to maintain safety and 100% security and prevent the occurrence of unethical activities. Below we have penned down more of the details that tell why you need to install CCTV in school.

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TOP 6 Reasons why you Need to Install CCTV in Schools

Following are the reasons to install the CCTV in schools must read them if you have security concerns about your institute.

Lower Unethical Activities and Petty Crimes

The installation of CCTV cameras is a must and mandatory in schools to lower unethical activities and petty crimes. These days, it is heavily assumed that students consume drugs. So, to prevent this unethical behavior and to keep an eye on them, CCTV cameras can help you out. In addition, when students spot a camera, they do not show the courage to break the property like projectors, boards, chairs, or desks. The parking lots, cars, and other vehicles of the staff remain safe and sound and no student dares to damage them.

Guarantee Security to Students and Staff

The presence of CCTV cameras in schools and other educational institutions guarantees security to students and staff. No unauthorized visitor will be able to enter your school premises. It is true that it is not possible to keep an eye on every student and teacher manually. But the setup of CCTV cameras makes them no longer vulnerable to committing a crime. Furthermore, these cameras monitor and detect motion and trigger an alarm in case of an intrusion.

Promises Protection Against Sexual Assault and Harassment

One of the common unethical behaviors spotted in schools includes sexual assault and harassment. The victim fails to give proof that he or she is being harassed and sexually assaulted. But if the school has set up CCTV cameras in every corner, you can prevent this problem. Whenever the harasser spots a camera, he or she will avoid committing this activity. Moreover, non-sexual forms of harassment can also be avoided including bullying.

CCTVs Offer Controlled Access

The setup and installation of a hi-fi CCTV surveillance system offer controlled access to the school premises. It will help you prevent incidents and other crimes before they occur. Besides, you can watch visitors and keep an eye if any suspicious vehicles try to enter your school premises. Rest, with the use of a CCTV, you can ensure and fully endorse that your staff is reliable and you can even supervise your students during a given period in case they do not have a teacher in class. So install Cameras in your organization to prevent all these mishaps.

CCTVs Promises 100% Safety During School Closures

The equipment of school is at the highest risk of getting damaged during the nights, holidays and weekends. However, the induction of CCTV cameras promises 100% safety during school closures. Not a single intruder will damage or destroy your school’s high-value equipment on site. Furthermore, you can deter anti-social behavior, theft, and vandalism as much as you can. So, among the most important security measure that all school owners must opt for is to set up a CCTV camera system.

Ensure Accountability

It is only through CCTV cameras that accountability can be ensured. In classes that are injected with CCTVs, teachers over there always remain alert and responsibly perform their duties. In the same way, students maintain the decorum of class and sit attentively because they know they are being watched and monitored.


Now you know why you need to install CCTV in school! Overall, you need to understand that the connection existing between CCTVs and schools, goes hand in hand. Schools with a proper, hi-fi and full fledge CCTV camera surveillance system ensure safety. Teachers, students, and other staff know that they are being eyed, tracked, and watched, that is why every single person within the school premises acts responsibly and ethically. If you want to improve safety, deter unethical activities and reduce the number of sexual assault and harassment activities in your school, we recommend you set up a proper CCTV system.

In doing so, you will definitely get peace of mind and assurance of complete security. Not only schools, but every educational establishment in the form of colleges or universities should also install the latest and modern security system on their premises.

These cameras even help you with remote monitoring. Like, if you are away from the school premises, you can keep an eye by viewing the live footage from your phone. Thus, it is time to prevent suspicious behavior in schools, you can make this environment fully proof safe, and sound, and that is possible if you have set up high-quality CCTV cameras.


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